EP 53: Build a Community Worth Dying For.

It’s a late Monday night for us, full of technical difficulties. But DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. We are here putting in the work to deliver a solid discussion on the global economy, mentorship, and community engagement. 

In this episode, John and I discuss the shift from a unipolar global power dynamic, to a multipolar dynamic after Russia declared a Force Majeure and shut down the Nordstream 1 pipeline to Germany. We then wrap up our discussion on mentorship from our last two episodes. More specifically, how should a mentor gatekeep to avoid being overwhelmed by young mentees who are unwilling to put in the effort? 

Finally, we discuss civic responsibility. Many of us have opinions on how things should work in local, state, and national politics. But many of us are also unwilling to put any skin in the game to build a community we would approve of. It’s a great discussion and we hope you let us know what you think. 




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