• TT 57: Dating Coach Episode

    Today, we put on our dating coach hats. Social media has created a fast-food dating culture that leaves many people behind. Frankly, it’s a very difficult world being single in 2022. John and I do our best to provide insight on what will produce the best results when navigating the treacherous waters of the dating […]

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  • EP 56: Hodgepodge

    Season 2, Episode 3. We cover a slew of topics here.  -What guiding principle should you have when choosing to disconnect? -How important are the actions of fathers generations down the family tree? -What is the right level of protective parenting should you maintain to raise a strong child? There is something here for everyone. […]

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  • EP 55: Our Next Commander

    After we finished recording this episode, John said it was the best we’ve ever done. Not to get your hopes up.  A lot going on this episode. The overarching question is “who is the leader the United States needs?” A simple question that takes into some hot topics. I take on Presidents Obama, Trump, and […]

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