EP 52 Mentorship: Seeking the Gold

Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Today we continue our discussion of mentorship, with a special focus on mentees. How do you be a good mentee? What are the challenges facing mentees? Many potential mentees think the value of mentorship flows one way: towards them. How do you provide value as a mentee to a mentor? 

We also missed the Fourth of July, so we take some time to discuss the Declaration of Independence and the Spirit that birthed this nation. 

As always, you can follow us on Instagram at @postmodernpatriot and @isaacwyant. Feel free to message us with feedback, things you liked, or things you have a different perspective on. Let’s leave a legacy.  

Tough Talk Picks

The Declaration of Independence

The Never-Ending Story

Dan Carlins Hardcore History of Slavery Blitz Edition

The Shawn Ryan Show EP 29 with Erik Prince, “The Rise and Fall of Blackwater”

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