Isaac and John want to make better citizens.

Isaac and John met at The Basic School in Quantico Virginia and both went on to become infantry officers. On opposite coasts, their friendship remained a bond that would result in collaborating to create Tough Talk. Now both men are fathers, sons, husbands, looking to elevate discussion between their fellow citizens.

The creation of social media has simultaneously filled our lives with connection and degraded social interaction. With that degradation has come an unwillingness to communicate about difficult topics with our fellow citizens. Tough Talk serves to elevate the discussion that no longer seems to be happening in the actual or digital town square.

Isaac Wyant

Isaac Wyant attended California State University- Sacramento and received a degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections.  While awaiting assignment to active duty Isaac taught computer science and history in California for the Tracy Unified School District. Isaac served in the United States Marine Corps as a platoon commander in Iraq and in his final tour was assigned to the coveted position of 81 mm Mortar platoon commander,. Isaac is currently in his second year of Harvard law and was just selected to the journals of law and public policy as an articles editor.

John McCarthy

John is a proud Father, Husband, and Son. He attended Quinnipiac University where he obtained a degree in Sociology and went on to serve int he United States Marine Corps as a Weapons Platoon Commander. John obtained an MBA from George Washington at night while assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps and is currently working for one of the largest recycling companies in the world. John currently serves his local community.