TT7: Forging a Fitness Philosophy

In today’s episode, Isaac and I discuss the fact that Americans have gained on average 29 pounds through the pandemic. We discuss the causes of this issue and our own weight gain during different times in our life. We spend a lot of time talking about reasons for improving your own fitness, and why it will actually make you harder to kill. Finally Isaac and I discuss David Googings, Balance, and faith to propel us forward on our own fitness journies. Tune in for an extremely interesting episode where we discuss why you should adopt your own fitness philosophy. Remember bend, don’t break.

Show Links:

Stats on weight Gain

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Dad Bod Wod episode

Taco Ring a recipe

What is Adverse Possession

Move some dirt

Rebecca Rouse Episode (KB Lady)

Joel Del Rosario Episode (KB Lady’s Husband)

Isaac on Instagram

Get a Free Month of KB/Strength Training from Semper Stronger

I’ve recently learned that Americans have gained 29lbs on average due to the pandemic. I want to do everything I can to assist individuals in pursuing fitness at home. Rebecca’s programing is a great way to start. Rebecca, her husband Joel, and I would like to invite you to get a free month of training from Semper Stronger by using the code  PATRIOT30 at check out for a free Gold or Silver Membership for one month.

Patriot Picks

Semper Stronger

Tough by Greg Everett

Elmore Leonard the complete western Stories

Dadbod Wod

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