TT8: Gunz In America

On today’s Episode Isaac and I discuss one of the most important topics in America, the right to bear arms. Before you ask which bear, we’re talking about firearms. Isaac and I discuss my lack of familiarity with weapons before joining the Marines and learning more about weapons and why they are not evil. We also discuss using guns to deter violence, and to deter tyranny, both of which are extremely important topics that deserve consideration in the gun discussion. Tune in for an episode that discusses a wide range of topics surrounding the second amendment.

Buy A Flag from Allegiance Flag Supply

I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Allegiance Flag Supply a company selling American Flags made in America by American seamstresses, with 100% American materials. Did I say American enough times? I am setting a goal with AFS, to see an American-made, American Flag in front of every home. From now on, My listeners, followers, and blog readers who buy $45 dollars or more worth of goods from Allegiance Flag Supply will receive a free hat pictured below. Just use the offer code POSTMODERN at checkout. For me this is about spreading the message to honor Old Glory again. Let’s do so in the best way possible, by flying it high and for as far as the eye can see.

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