#64 – Imposing Order On Chaos: Practical Lessons From Warfighting Doctrine

Today we dive into a publication that has heavily influenced both of our lives, both inside and outside the Marine Corps. We argue that the principles of warfighting transcend the battlefield and are readily applicable to succeeding in everyday life. 

Have you taken inventory of your centers of gravity? Do you default to a responsive, defensive posture in your day-to-day life? John and I drive home the importance of being a tactician. Being a commander as you chart the course for your own well-being. 

This might be one of our most foundational episodes that outlines the principles of how we view the world. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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Warfighting Publication

If you want to read the warfighting publication or peruse it, it is available online at the link below. One of the beauties of Marine Doctrine, is that Marines are trained to abandon said doctrine when the fluidity, friction, or other elements of war determine we do so. Therefore the Marine Corps see’s no issue in publishing such a manual so that it can be read by our enemies and the average person has access to this publication with the beautiful gift or curse, that is the internet.

MCDP 1- Warfighting

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