TT38: On Men and Marble

Is removing Theodore Roosevelt’s Statue from the Museum of Natural History a step too far? On Today’s episode of the Podcast John and Isaac announce some exciting news about the show and dive into the discussion of the removal of statues. This discussion opens up into a question about the tension surrounding attempting to rewrite or forget portions of our own history. Finally, John and Isaac ask, “should we forget the positive qualities of a nation or individual because of some qualities we are ashamed of?”

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2 responses to “TT38: On Men and Marble”

  1. Great episode! I think that many people on the side of tearing down statues feel lost or that society has nothing to offer them. And that ties in with many of your episodes; that men have lost sight of the significance of being a MAN, that the family has been displaced for the pursuit of pleasure and treasure, that there is an abundance of instant gratification at the cost of generational wealth and longterm legacies. There is such a disconnect between the common person and the governing elite (to include corporations) that people are expressing anger and dismay in destructive fashion rather than keeping faith that they can strengthen society by just working hard to build and create progress.


    1. Hey Greg, thanks a lot for sharing these thoughts. We love this kind of feedback.


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