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  • #64 – Imposing Order On Chaos: Practical Lessons From Warfighting Doctrine

    #64 – Imposing Order On Chaos: Practical Lessons From Warfighting Doctrine

    Today we dive into a publication that has heavily influenced both of our lives, both inside and outside the Marine Corps. We argue that the principles of warfighting transcend the battlefield and are readily applicable to succeeding in everyday life.  Have you taken inventory of your centers of gravity? Do you default to a responsive, […]

  • #63 – Adaptability

    #63 – Adaptability

    On Today’s episode, John goes solo while Isaac moves into his new home and covers the topic of adaptability. Human beings are amazingly resilient and adaptable. These skills have been developed over hundreds and thousands of years. What’s more, we are most adaptable to change initially. This ability to adapt rapidly to a new sport, […]

  • #62 – Election Reflections

    In today’s episode Isaac and I celebrate the second greatest birthday this nation has to offer. That is in fact, the Marine Corps Birthday. We delve into why that is a proud topic amongst Marines and the beauty of our sacred warrior fraternity. We spend the remainder of the episode covering whether or not Crypto […]

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John is a working professional, Isaac a Law Student, both Former Marine Officers.

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