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  • EP 51: The Values and Challenges of Mentorship

    EP 51: The Values and Challenges of Mentorship

    Crazy week. On this episode, we start by discussing the different views people hold about the Constitution. Is it a document that is frozen in time? Or should it’s language be malleable to the social preferences of the time?  However, the bulk of our episode covers the importance of mentorship. Why does it seem to […]

  • EP 50: The Adventure Path

    EP 50: The Adventure Path

    Today we get personal. John takes the lead as I discuss the experiences that have led me to where I am at today. A truck unloader. A diner server. A substitute teacher… What are the lessons we can learn from the mundane experiences of life? And how do we shift our mindset to see these […]

  • EP 49: Cross-pollinating Your Mind

    EP 49: Cross-pollinating Your Mind

    On this episode, we discuss the broad topic of education. As politicians resurrect the discussion of student debt cancellation, both individuals and the public at large are asking: what did all this student loan debt buy me?  We dive into 12th Century higher ed, the watering down of educational standards, and how individuals can make […]

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John is a working professional, Isaac a Law Student, both Former Marine Officers.

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